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Assistant Professor, Health Science
The University of the
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1. Personal Health & Safety (HSC 1023) - Tuesday & Thursday @ 1-2:15pm
Description: Basic concepts and principles of healthful life styles are explored in order to give the student a better
understanding of himself and his relationships to others. Emphasis on the skill development for making responsible decisions
regarding mental and emotional health, handling stress, drugs, human sexuality, nutrition, and roles as a parent and/or
teacher.  Link to
Syllabus    PPT
 Link to Syllabus

3. Nutrition (HSC 3003) - Monday, Wednesday, Friday @ 9-9:50am
Description:  The aim is to present the basic facts and fundamental concepts of nutrition. Topics included are nutrients;
carbohydrate, fats and proteins; vitamins and minerals; energy balance and weight control; and nutrition throughout the life
cycle.  Link to

4. Kinesiology (PHE 3123) - Monday, Wednesday, Friday @ 10-10:50am
Description: This course is a study of the function/action of skeletal muscles, analysis of human motion as related to sport
activities, and the biomechanics of human motion and sport techniques. Prerequisites: HSC 2014, Anatomy/Physiology I and
HSC 1023, Personal Health and Safety or consent from the instructor.  Link to
Syllabus.  Pronounce.

Fall Semester 2013
University of the Ozarks
Health Sciences

1.        Epidemiology        - Tuesday & Thursday @ 9:10-10:25am, Gym room 102
2.        Nutrition               - Monday, Wednesday, Friday @ 9-9:50am, Gym room 103
3.        Kinesiology           - Monday, Wednesday, Friday @ 10-10:50am, Gym room 103
4.        Personal Health      - Tuesday & Thursday @ 1-2:15pm, Gym room 102

Dr. Pete's Courses - Spring Semester 2014

        Spring 2014
Course             Day/Time                
  1. Nutrition          MWF 9 – 9:50am
  2. Org/Admin       MWF 10-10:50am
  3. Exercise Phys   TR 9:10-10:20am
  4. Personal Hlth   TR 1 – 2:20pm
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